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White Supremacists Defend Racist Pancake Brand

June 18, 2020

After Quaker Oats decided to remove the racist Aunt Jemima brand, outspoken White Supremacists took to Facebook to voice their frustations.

White Supremacists took to Facebook to makes statements such as “All Lives Matter” and “why change the name of a good product.” As if promoting and desensitizing the public to wide-open racism was not something that needs to be fixed.

These commenters, and their vocal display of supremacy, demonstrates the long road Canada and the US has in fighting racism. If changing a pancake brand’s name causes this much fuss, imagine what will happen when a more significant change is proposed, such as significantly defunding the police?

People need to understand, that the only way forward is to tackle our issues with racism head on. That includes removing the name Aunt Jemima from syrup bottles and replacing it with something more culturally appropriate.

Article by: Mark Slapinski

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  1. C Right Thru U

    Funny because from my experience observing social media over the years. it’s the social justice warriors, bias media and white liberals telling black people they should be offended by this “racist” brand. Aunt Jemima was proud of the brand and so was her family. Stop LYING about white supremacy being the problem here. If anything, white supremacy would likely be happy with the removal of the name lol. Or quite frankly don’t give a crap because it’s just a syrup brand. Stop letting the media tell you how to think of white people! Seriously, Really really do your research, folks. Was a really crazy feeling when I realized I was being brainwashed by “ #thedeepstate “ Don’t let the media and these bias search engines AND this bias, bullshit article fool you. #bigtech #DRAINTHESWAMP #fakenews #thinkforyourself #wakeUp

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