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Is Trudeau the Worst Prime Minister? According to many, yes

Aug 15, 2020

Justin Trudeau stands accused of being the worst prime minister to run Canada. These claims follow multiple scandals, including getting caught in blackface, doing shady deals with WE charity, and raising internet rates during the COVID outbreak. Because of this, the hashtag #TrudeauWorstPM is currently trending in Canada.


What we know about Justin Trudeau's blackface photos — and what ...

Justin Trudeau was caught wearing Blackface in a yearbook photo. This was exposed during his re-election campaign for prime minister. Many Canadians described this as being racist, including Jagmeet Singh. According to the NDP MP, Trudeau’s Blackface demonstrated a “pattern of behaviour”.

WE Scandal

Everything You Need To Know About The WE Charity Controversy

In July, Trudeau was accused of doing shady dealing with the Kielburgers and the “WE charity”.

On July 3, it was announced that WE Charity would no longer be administering the [Canada Student Service Grant], amid allegations that the organization had close ties to federal government officials, which could constitute a conflict of interest.


Trudeau’s Mother and Brother had previously received money from the WE charity. Bill Morneau - the Liberal Finance Minister took an expensive trip with the “charity”. The Conservatives took full advantage of this slip-up by Trudeau, with some MPs asking Bill Morneau to resign.

Internet Scandal

We're Getting Closer to the Quantum Internet, But What Is It ...

Today, the Globe and Mail reported that the “Federal cabinet says wholesale broadband rates could stifle investment but declines to overturn ruling”.

The federal cabinet says the new, lower rates that Canada’s large phone and cable companies are allowed to charge smaller internet providers for access to their networks could stifle investment in telecom infrastructure.


According to Peter Nowak, a Toronto-based journalist, this means the Trudeau-led government is raising internet rates during a pandemic.

The Flip Side

Not everybody thinks Trudeau is the worst prime minister. In fact, some people are scoffing at the fact the hashtag #TrudeauWorstPM is trending.

Danielle Shanice from Vancouver mentions the “crook” Stephen Harper, the former PM of Canada. Other people point to CERB as a redeeming factor for Trudeau.

However, others think the bad outweighs the good, and that the WE scandal, plus the blackface scandal, in addition to the internet-price scandal makes Trudeau the worst Prime Minister ever. There is more criticisms to be had with Trudeau, but it would require many more pages. This articles contains the most damning and unforgettable mistakes that Justin Trudeau has made.

Article by: Mark Slapinski

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  1. David Landman

    December 17, 2020

    As a dual citizen of both Canada & the U.S.A.:

    To be “fair”, one could say that the current Prime Minister of Canada (Justin Trudeau) has a number of things to learn about the nature of “politics” and “diplomacy”, probably as a result of his youth and inexperience.


    s/David Landman/

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