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EXCLUSIVE: Russia THREATENS NATO and Canadian troops in Estonia

September 1, 2020
Moscow, Russia
Mark Slapinski

Today, the United States Military, along with the Estonian Military, held Operation Rail Rush, around 70 miles from the Russian border. These drills were the first of their kind, and coincide with civil unrest in Belarus.

In response, the Russian Embassy in Canada spokesperson said that Canadian and NATO forces are in danger.

Toronto Today reached out to the Russian Embassy for clarification, but has not received an immediate response.

Interestingly, the Russian Embassy cites the news website Sputnik, Russia’s state-sponsored propaganda wing. Sputnik has been called out by multiple members of the United States and European government.

Even though the shooting drills will happen practically within earshot of Russian soil, the US media has refused to relent in its drive to paint the exercises as justified and not at all hostile.

Source: Sputnik, Author Unknown

It is unclear how the United States or Canada will react to this development.

The mainstream media has not reported on this story in Canada.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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