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October 2, 2020
Mark Slapinski

KING - Wameed Ateyah, a 49-year-old doctor, as well as an accused sex offending animal, is now facing additional charges after 11 additional victims came forward to report that they had been raped at a medical clinic in the Township of King.

2 victims came forward at an earlier time, leading to Wameed Ateyah making the news. After the news of the doctor’s sick crimes became public, more brave women came forward to tell the truth about this deeply disturbed individual. One that stole the innocence of many women, and the respect of the ordinary Canadian.

The charges were laid by the York Regional Police service. It is unclear whether the former doctor is in jail, or out on bail. It is worth noting, sex offenders are on the bottom of the totem pole in jail, and are at increased risk of assault. This danger grows in the case of pedophiles, which according to allegations made by one victim, Wameed Ateyah is.

One of the additional victims was 17 years old at the time she was sexually assaulted.

York Regional Police, Website

According to Police, Ateyah took a leaf from Epstein’s playbook, and is accused of abusing an underage girl, as well as multiple adult women.

Ateyah is facing 19 counts of Sexual Assault. And 1 Count of Sexual Exploitation. This is on top of the other charges he faces for abusing the previous two survivors.

Police are requesting victims with additional information to contact them directly.

What should we do with him? Will he be safe in JAIL?


  1. Banks

    You should give him the right to a fair trial. He is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. It doesn’t matter what you are accused of, you have the right to prove your innocence in the court of law. You should be ashamed of yourself to blindingly jump to conclusions. He may be guilty, and on the other hand, he might be innocent. How would you feel if this was your brother or father? Regardless, we must wait until his time to prove his innocence.

    • theredpanther

      Unless 13 victims are lying, then he’s likely guilty as charged. There may be additional victims. The fact that one of his accusers was 17 is also troubling. This Doctor is in serious trouble. He should have treated women with the respect and professionalism they deserved. Either way, the judge will have a chance to review the evidence, which, I’m sure there is plenty.

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