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EXCLUSIVE: Fake Nurse Union page linked to United Conservative Party

September 28, 2020
Mark Slapinski

ALBERTA - A fake Twitter and Facebook page belonging to a group called Nurses For Sustainable Care has been called out as “fake” by multiple people. Links between the pages and senior UCP members were recently undercovered by online sleuths.

Luke LeBrun, an editor from Press Progress noted,

This fake nurses group is not incorporated anywhere in Canada. They ignored multiple requests to identify who they are after we asked multiple times. It appears the first person to follow this account was Chad Hallman, a ministerial assistant to Alberta’s Minister of Health.

Luke LeBrun

Despite being a nurse’s group, the Facebook page has been caught spreading debunked information and disinformation about the coronavirus. The page is followed by many top staffers at the UCP.

An example a fake news article shared by the fake Nurse’s page

Anne Jordan - a reported UCP activist - was caught sharing the page several times on Facebook. She shared debunked and / or low-quality articles surrounding coronavirus.

When asked about their connection to the United Conservative Party, the page administrators denied the claims.

The investigation continues.

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